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ESP E-II Eclipse DB Electric Guitar with Case
Price:$2,548.50Save:$849.50 (33%)

From  $1,699.00ex VAT$1,699.00inc VAT
ESP E-II Horizon FMNT Electric Guitar with Case
Price:$2,698.50Save:$899.50 (33%)

From  $1,799.00ex VAT$1,799.00inc VAT
ESP E-II Horizon FR Electric Guitar with Case
Price:$2,698.50Save:$899.50 (33%)

From  $1,799.00ex VAT$1,799.00inc VAT
ESP LTD H1007FM 7-String Electric Guitar
Price:$1,241.43Save:$372.43 (30%)

From  $869.00ex VAT$869.00inc VAT
ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross Electric Guitar with Case
Price:$1,570.00Save:$471.00 (30%)

From  $1,099.00ex VAT$1,099.00inc VAT
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Boss ME-80 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
Price: $418.50Save:$119.50 (29%)
From  $299.00ex VAT$299.00inc VAT
Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal
Price: $979.00Save:$280.00 (29%)
From  $699.00ex VAT$699.00inc VAT
Peavey Vypyr Pro 100 Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier
Price: $799.99Save:$200.02 (25%)
From  $599.97ex VAT$599.97inc VAT
Peavey Tour 450 Bass Amplifier Head and Dual Cabinet Package
Price: $1,459.97Save:$629.99 (43%)
From  $829.98ex VAT$829.98inc VAT
Ampeg Portaflex PF800 Bass Amplifier Stack
Price: $2,099.97Save:$599.98 (29%)
From  $1,499.99ex VAT$1,499.99inc VAT
Ampeg PF800 Portaflex Bass Amplifier Head
Price: $839.99Save:$240.00 (29%)
From  $414.95ex VAT$414.95inc VAT
Behringer Europower PMP6000 Powered Mixer
Price: $899.99Save:$300.00 (33%)
From  $539.95ex VAT$539.95inc VAT
Peavey PV215 PA Speaker
Price: $399.99Save:$100.02 (25%)
From  $299.97ex VAT$299.97inc VAT
Behringer Europower PMP2000 Powered Mixer
Price: $524.99Save:$175.00 (33%)
From  $349.99ex VAT$349.99inc VAT
Tascam DP-24SD Digital Portastudio 24-Track SD Card Recorder
Price: $599.99Save:$150.00 (25%)
From  $399.95ex VAT$399.95inc VAT
Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer
Price: $3,999.00Save:$800.00 (20%)
From  $2,879.00ex VAT$2,879.00inc VAT
Behringer XAIR XR18 Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets
Price: $1,049.99Save:$350.00 (33%)
From  $569.95ex VAT$569.95inc VAT
Tascam US-16X08 USB Audio Interface
From  $209.95ex VAT$209.95inc VAT
Black Lion Audio White Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter
From  $1,999.00ex VAT$1,999.00inc VAT
Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller Sequencer
Price: $299.00Save:$50.00 (17%)
From  $249.00ex VAT$249.00inc VAT