Alvarez Cadiz Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar

    Product Description

    Alvarez Cadiz Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar
    An evolved nylon-string guitar with professional LR Baggs Stage Pro electronics! Alvarez's new CADIZ series of nylon string guitars were designed from an intense study of some of the worlds great Spanish luthiers such as Ramirez and Torres. Everything about them is carefully considered and purposefully chosen. The body shape is new, and different to classicals they've made in the past - slightly taller, slightly narrower, and more elegant.

    The soundbox is more lightly built, with graduated tops, and each brace is custom cut and sanded with 4 varying widths in total. The bracing design gives a slight nod to Jose Ramirez III’s asymmetric architecture in the fact that the Cadiz guitars have a treble bar. This helps to stiffen up the treble side of the top a little more, which helps give these guitars a very round, bell like treble response on the first three strings. Alvarez keeps the bass side of the top light by using slightly thinner braces, which contribute to its very open, clear and strong bass response.

    Unlike traditional Classical guitars, the Hybrid models do have a trussrod to allow for relief to be adjusted on the radiused fingerboards. CADIZ models are also made with a Spanish heel neck joint. Ramirez and other great luthiers also influenced Alvarez when it came to choosing their scale length. The CADIZ scale length is longer than the standard 25.6 inches you will find on many classical guitars. At 26.06 inches, this scale length raises the tension a bit, which helps deliver more energy into the soundbox for better response and projection.