Behringer PP400 Ultra Compact Phono Preamp

    Product Description

    Behringer PP400 Ultra Compact Phono Preamp
    In the age of the MP3, it can be easy to forget that a turntable signal needs a little help before it reaches a mixer or home stereo if it's going to be heard. Thanks to the PP400 phono preamp, your turntable will get the boost it needs to bring your vinyl to life.

    Behringer PP400 Phono Preamp Features

    • Converts your phono signal to a line level signal
    • State-of-the-art phono preamp to accommodate magnetic pickups
    • Ultra low-noise audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding sound performance
    • Dedicated RCA and 1/4 in. output connectors
    • DC 12-Volt adapter included
    • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
    • Conceived and designed by Behringer Germany
    Viva Vinyl
    The ultra-compact PP400 features stereo RCA inputs and outputs, as well as a 1/4 in. TRS output jack. Its incredible low-noise operation delivers sound exactly as it's read from your records by the turntable's needle. We've also included a 12 V adapter to power this awesome audio solution.

    Do Wonders For Your Wax
    Vinyl is making a huge comeback, and it's time to get your wheels spinning. Plug your turntable into the PP400, send a line out to a mixer or the AUX inputs on your home stereo, and take a spin on the freeway of retro-cool. For about the price of a couple of prerecorded CDs you can experience the high-fidelity sound of real vinyl, the medium that launched the rock and roll revolution.

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