Casio CTK3500 61 Key Keyboard with Power Supply

    Product Description

    Casio CTK3500 61 Key Keyboard with Power Supply
    Musicians of every level are enjoying the realism, expression and touch of the CTK-3500 keyboard by Casio. A comprehensive feature set aides the learning experience of beginners while professionals appreciate the incredible sounds and powerful speaker system for any musical genre.

    Casio CTK3500 Portable Keyboard Features

    • 61 keys with Touch Response, 48 Polyphony
    • 400 Tones and 100 Rhythms
    • 50 Dance Music Rhythm
    • Includes power supply 
    Piano-style keyboard
    An easy-to-play keyboard with an appearance resembling that of an acoustic piano.

    Touch Response
    Touch Response let's you add delicate nuances to notes by varying how much pressure you apply to keyboard keys.

    Digital effects
    Use effects to add reverb for more depth and breadth in your music.

    Dance Music Mode
    Easy dance tune playback - Just touching the keys is all it takes to play dance music expressing a DJ mood. Or you can use Build-up Play to apply sound effects characteristic of dance music for even more fun.

    Chordana Play
    Add to the fun by linking the keyboard with the downloaded Chordana Play app in your smart device. Chordana Play is a free music app developed with the vision of enabling people who have no experience playing an electronic keyboard to have fun, while also helping seasoned keyboard players expand their repertoires. The app can automatically play 50 songs, from pop to classical and more. As the song plays, the app displays the correct keyboard position for both hands in real time in the piano roll window. Users can also play by touching the virtual keyboard, and they go even deeper with the lesson and scoring functions. Additionally, users can import song data (MIDI format) into Chordana Play, link to other electronic keyboards in Casio’s portfolio (including the Key Lighting and Standard keyboards) and connect to both Apple and Android tablets using a standard audio cable.

    Use an audio cable to transfer 50 built-in songs from the app as well as songs downloaded as MIDI files and save them in the keyboard. You can then use the saved song data with the keyboard accompaniment function to enjoy the Step Up Lesson feature.

    $110.95 - $129.95