Fishman FT-2 Flip-On Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

    Product Description

    Fishman FT-2 Flip-On Clip-On Chromatic Tuner
    The Fishman FT-2 digital chromatic tuner provides quick and accurate tuning for most instruments with a simple flip. Clip it on, flip up the display and the FT-2 powers-on. Flip it back down when you’re done tuning shut if off. The large, high-contrast, backlit display is easy to read and shows pitch with ±1 cent accuracy via tuning needles and a multi-color backlight.

    Fishman FT2 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner Features

    • Flip it up to turn it on, flip it down to turn it off
    • Fully chromatic, automatically displays the note
    • Large, easy to read LCD display lights green when in-tune, red for sharp, amber for flat
    • Meter style needle display is accurate to 1 cent
    • Built-in clip-on sensor
    • Automatic power save shuts it off after 5 minutes
    • Includes one 2032 coin battery
    It is also incredibly lightweight—weighing only 21 grEG—so it won’t affect your instrument’s tone.

    When flipped down to the off position, it’s incredibly low-profile, so you can leave it place while you’re playing and the soft clip won’t harm many finishes.