Gator Deluxe 19 Inch Rack Case

    Product Description

    Gator Deluxe 19 Inch Rack Case

    The Gator Deluxe 19 inch rack case is molded from incredibly durable high-density military grade Polyethylene.
    The Deluxe lightweight yet super strong material insures maximum protection at a weight that is easy to handle, especially during travel. This Gator Deluxe case has 19.5 inches of rackable depth with front and rear threaded rack rails, plus exclusive locking front and rear lids. When buying a new rack case, we dare you to compare! The Gator Deluxe19 inch rack case offers the best materials, features and price!

    Gator Deluxe 19 Inch Rack Case Features:

    • Durable high-density Polyethylene construction
    • Lightweight makes it great for traveling
    • 19.5 rackable depth
    • Locking front and rear lids
    • Sloped, molded side handles
    • Universally stackable with Gator and other brand racks
    • Twist style latches

    The Gator Deluxe 19 inch rack case offers virtually indestructible sloped, molded side handles that are comfortable even while the rack is loaded. The Gator Deluxe case features ridges on the top and bottom that make this rack case universally stackable with Gator racks and most others! The Gator rack case latches are a strong twist style and are designed to take the beatings of a rack on the road.

    Warranty Information for Gator Products
    The people at Gator are proud of their products and want you to be proud to use them. If there is any defect, they will be happy to replace or repair it for you.

    The warranty is good for the first owner and will cover any damages or problems that occur through the normal use of the product. Unfortunately, this does not cover things like using your case as a speed bump, tossing it from high buildings, or leaving it outside during a hurricane.

    Please keep your receipt so that you have proof of purchase or register your case with the registration card that came with it so that they have you on record. International warranty claims will be handled through the local distributor. Do not hesitate to contact Gator Cases with any warranty questions or claims.