Hammond SK1 88 Key Organ Keyboard

    Product Description

    Hammond SK1 88 Key Organ Keyboard
    Now the Pianist who always wanted to play Hammond can do so in comfort and vice-versa for the organist with the Hammond SK1 88 Key Organ Keyboard. The dilemma in designing a keyboard with both faithful and accurate Hammond Organ and Grand Piano voices lies in the keyboard itself. It seems destined for compromise-should it be organ-like, or weighted? Hammond has the answer in the unique keyboard 88 note Fatar keyboard onboard the Sk1-88, which is light enough for an Organist’s comfort, yet has the “heft” to satisfy any Piano Player. The Sk1-88 also automatically adjusts the “depth” of key contact making all playing comfortable The Keys are also shaped to allow traditional Hammond “moves” like sweep and glissando.

    Hammond SK1 88 Key Organ Keyboard Features:

    • Genuine and Authentic Hammond Organ
    • Authentic Chorus-Vibrato/Touch Response Percussion/Overdrive
    • 12 Hammond Macro Profiles with 17 Tweakable Parameters
    • 96 Individually Adjustable, Voiceable Digital Tonewheels
    • Create YOUR Perfect "B-3" From Showroom New to Road Worn Vintage
    • Create Your Perfect Leslie-Store it in any of 8 User Profiles
    • 32 Ranks of Authentic Pipe Organ

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