Hohner The 64 Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica

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    Hohner The 64 Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica
    Preferred by Pros and Semi-Pro Players for It's Response and Bright Tone!
    Covering four complete chromatic octaves, this harmonica extends above and below middle C, giving you limitless options for musical expression. Every serious player needs one in his bag of tricks to pull out for those most requested standards that everyone plays. Great for all types of music: pop, classical, jazz and contemporary.

    It features an extra octave in the lower register (below middle C), which makes it possible to play advanced repertoire. Airtight construction and superior reed response give Hohner's standard chromatic harmonicas an unsurpassed sound quality and the quick, easy initiation of each individual tone makes them a favorite for players of all levels.

    Hohner 64 Chromonica Features

    • 16 Holes, Key of C
    • 64 Reeds
    • Brass, 1.05 mm Reedplates
    • Plastic Comb
    • Approximately 18.4 cm in Length
    The 64 Chromonica is the chromatic model favored by many professional blues players including Little Walter, who used one back in the 50s and 60s and Stevie Wonder who preferred the style of the 64 Chromatic harmonica for its ultimate sonic capability.

    Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas: Endless Potential For Expression
    Chromatic harmonicas provide complete 12-note octaves with all the sharps and flats. Each single hole contains four reeds; a blow reed and a draw reed for two natural notes, and a blow reed and a draw reed for two chromatic notes. The reeds for the chromatic notes are brought into operation by pushing a slide button on the side of the harmonica, closing off the air flow from one set of reeds and permitting the other reeds to vibrate. Most chromatics are solo tuned, which means each group of four single holes covers a complete octave.

    This design offers a wealth of new musical options to the player. Most commonly chromatic harmonicas are heard within the classical and jazz scenes, but often these harmonicas are used for blues, folk, rock and pop as well.

    Hohner harmonicas are the proven choice for both amateur and professional musicians for rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, classical and beyond!
    For 150 years Hohner - the world's biggest manufacturer of harmonicas - has proudly maintained a tradition of high quality instrument making. Their mission is to offer a diverse range of models designed to meet the needs of every musician in today's musical climate.

    Tireless investment in research and development, combined with knowledge that has been cultivated for decades, insures high quality standards - both now and in the future. By working in close co-operation with the most renowned professional harmonica players, Hohner ensures that their instruments remain on the cutting edge of the industry. Hohner's state-of-the-art manufacturing process uses special alloys and precise stamping and milling tools to produce reeds of optimal sound quality, responsiveness and longevity.

    Hohner's long standing dedication to harmonica excellence has inspired a loyal following among players from all walks of life; young and old, amateur and professional.

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