Hosa Cable Gaffer Tape

    Product Description

    Hosa Cable Gaffer Tape
    Hosa Cable gaffer tape is a real stage tape, not to be confused with Duct Tape!
    Hosa gaffer tape is made with a fine cloth weave that leave little to no adhesive residue behind once its removed. Much unlike Duct Tape that leaves sticky, gummy residue behind. Hose offers musicians and stage hands an amazing alternative and best of all its available in black so it blends in with your equipment! Say goodbye Duct Tape, Hello Hosa cable gaffer tape!

    Always be prepared!
    This gaffer tape is perfect for a quick fix and works perfectly for wrapping up or tying down loose cables that can be a tripping hazard at a gig. This Hosa Cable tape comes in 60 Yard length rolls.