Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer

    Product Description

    Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer
    The Sub Phatty joins the Moog arsenal with an engaging and dynamic interface and a boldly unique voice to open the door to unprecedented sonic exploration. The Sub Phatty has the soul and hands on control of a vintage Moog synthesizer in a completely new, aggressive sound design machine. It has 25 keys, 31 knobs, and 13 switches that connect you directly to the analog heart of this powerful instrument. The Sub Phatty Synthesizer's oscillators have been designed to perform with unmatched clarity, and accuracy in any environment with no warm-up time necessary. They are fat, punchy and loaded with harmonic content.

    Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer Features

    • Filter and Volume Velocity Sensitivity
    • Ext. Audio Level
    • Osc2 Beat Frequency
    • VCO and LFO Gate Reset
    • Pitch Bend Up and Down Amount
    • Glide Legato and Type
    • Filter Poles
    • Wave Mod. Destination
    • LFO KB Tracking and LFO Range
    • Filter and AMP EG Reset
    • Legato
    • Gate On/Ext.
    • MIDI Ch. In and Out
    • Local Control
    • 14-Bit MIDI Output
    • MIDI Path In and Out
    • MIDI Merge DIN and MIDI Merge USB
    A Multidrive circuit in the filter section totally transforms the sound of this analog synthesizer into a screaming beast. Create gritty attack, asymmetrical distortion, and saturated hard-clipping sounds that tear through the densest mix. The mixer section houses a powerful square wave sub oscillator designed to add depth, thickness, and side splitting bass to any sound. In addition to this, a specially voiced noise generator has been incorporated for sculpting hard hitting, all analog percussion sounds and other sound effects.

    $639.95 - $799.00