Peavey PV14 14 Channel Stereo Mixer with Compression and Auto Tune

    Product Description

    Peavey PV14 14 Channel Stereo Mixer with Compression and Auto Tune
    The PV 14 AT shares all of the features of the PV 14 BT but also features 4 channels of Antares world-famous Autotune for subtle pitch correction or to create a robotic vocal effect. Other features include 8 channels of reference-quality mic preamps with 48 volt phantom power,8 direct outputs for recording, full featured stereo channel and media channels with Bluetooth wireless input allows seamless connection to almost any ‘smart’ device, high quality digital effects with LCD display.

    Channels have 3-band EQ per with bypass, exclusive Mid-Morph EQ on the mic channels, switchable high-pass filter, channel mute buttons, channel solo, aux send, signal clip indicators, 4 channels of compression, on board selectable guitar preamp with 1 Meg Ohm Hi-Z preamp and special guitar EQ curve. Streaming USB out with USB return to mains and or control room., MP3 file playback via USB A input, Peavey’s exclusive Kosmos audio enhancement, dual selectable control room outputs, and a stereo master LED meter bridge, 60mm faders and XLR main and monitor output

    Peavey PV14 14 Channel Stereo Mixer with Auto Tune Features

    • 4 Channels of Antares Auto-Tune
    • 8 Channels of Reference-Quality Mic Preamps
    • 8 Direct Outputs for Recording
    • Bluetooth Wireless Input
    • Built-in Digital Effects with LCD Display
    • USB to PC for Recording and Playback
    • MP3 Playback via USB A Input
    • Kosmos Audio Enhancement
    • Global 48 Volt Phantom Power
    • Dual Selectable Control Room Outputs
    • 4 Channels of Compression
    • High Impedance Guitar Preamp
    • 3 -band EQ per Channel w/bypass
    • Channel Mute Buttons
    • LED Clip, Signal, Mute Indication
    • Master Level LED Meter Bridge
    • Precision 60mm Faders on Input Channels and Stereo Master Outputs
    • New slim, low-profile design
    • Convenient tablet cradle

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