Remo Kids Bongo Drums

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    Remo Kids Bongo Drums
    The Remo Kids bongos are an important part of the Afro-Cuban family of rhythm instruments.
    Two drums small and large are attached and are pitched high and low. Remo Kids Bongo Drums are made using the same Acousticon shell material and Fiberskyn 3 drumheads as are used in many of Remo’s World Percussion drums, and have received the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy Award for product quality.

    Remo Kids Percussion
    Children love to make music, and, since rhythm is the foundation of all music making, the Remo Kids Percussion Collection gives children an exciting way to make music with their own instruments. Not only is playing music fun, research has found that music participation can have a beneficial and long lasting impact on a child’s self-discipline and self-confidence. Remo Kids Percussion is a positive, healthy introduction to music and rhythm - the perfect way for children and their parents to discover just how rewarding making music can be.

    Bongos are an important part of the Afro-Cuban family of rhythm instruments. Normally held between the player's knees and played with the fingertips, the bongos have a high pitched sound that can be clearly heard over the other instruments. Like many drums and percussion instruments from around the world, the sound of the bongo is different when played at the edge of the head and the middle of the head. Bongo players combine these sounds and rhythms between the high and low bongo drums to create patterns that other players and listeners can easily recognize.

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