Sabian 122OMX HHX Omni Crash Ride Cymbal

    Product Description

    Sabian 122OMX HHX Omni Crash Ride Cymbal
    Sabian introduces its revolutionary 122OMX HHX Omni ride from the Modern Dark HHX series! The jumbo HHX hammering delivers a Ride cymbal that’s dry, articulate and always controlled, while the medium-sized bell lowers the pitch and provides even more Ride area. The extra-thin edge results in an open and extremely musical Crash.

    OMNI is the world’s first cymbal to truly deliver a Crash and a Ride in a single model. Developed with seminal drummer Jojo Mayer, the vision for OMNI was to create a cymbal with outstanding sonic contrast both when played on its own or with other cymbals.

    $359.99 - $449.99