Tascam Model 24 22-Channel Live And Recording 22 x 24 USB Mixer Interface

    Product Description

    Tascam Model 24 22-Channel Live And Recording 22 x 24 USB Mixer Interface
    Perfect for both live and recording, the powerful Model 24 is a versatile hybrid mixer with recording and USB interface capabilities. The intuitive lay out of controls provides a fluid workflow and functionality similar to legendary TASCAM Portastudio. The Model 24 is a full-featured 22-channel professional mixer, a 24-track internal digital recorder and a 22 x 24 USB audio interface.

    Mixer Main Features

    • 22 total input channels
    • 16 microphone preamps with 48V Phantom power 
    • 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs
    • 20 balanced line inputs - 12 mono, 4 stereo
    • 1 stereo multi-input channel for Bluetooth, USB, RCA or 1/8”stereo input
    • Main and Sub stereo buses 
    • 3 AUX sends (MON 1, MON2 and Effects) 
    • 1 knob compressor for channels 1-12
    • 7-band graphic stereo EQ selectable for Main and Monitor outputs
    • Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity and playback
    • Onboard multi-effects processor with 16 effects selections
    • 100mm faders capable of fine adjustment
    • Independent input channel assign for live, internal MTR, or USB playback
    Recorder Main Features
    • Multitrack recording function similar to the legendary TASCAM Portastudio
    • 24 tracks (22 tracks + stereo master) can be recorded internally
    • Multi-channel playback for advanced live performance backing or mixing 
    • Punch in/out recording capability
    Audio Interface Features
    • USB 2.0 audio interface 
    • 24 in (22 input channels + stereo master)
    • 22 out
    • Up to 24-bit/48kHz recording quality

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